Thesis Symposium

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THURSDAY APRIL 18 SESSION 1 • 11:00–11:55

Creating Meaning Online (WCP 3.116)

Moderator: Gina Masullo, School of Journalism and Media, Moody College of Communication

 Galina BouyerTransformative Tweets and the Language of the Internet: Short-Term Meaning
Shift on Social Media
Ila KamathImplications Of Social Media In Body Image Dissatisfaction and Increased Acceptance of Cosmetic Augmentation 
Mercury RobertsonHow Can Scientists Fight Misinformation Online?
Improving Child Wellbeing (WCP 3.112)

Moderator: Steve Steffensen, Dept of Neurology, Dell Medical School

Jonathan Saldana Parentification and the Health Effects of Child Language Brokering
Haojuan "Wendy" XuGuidance on Nutrition and Feeding to Improve Children’s Oral Health 
Kara NutsonFood Security Status and Responsive Feeding in 0-2 Year Olds

THURSDAY APRIL 18 SESSION 2 • 12:00–12:55

Treating Difficult Diseases (WCP 3.116)

Moderator: Mary Steinhardt, Department of Kinesiology & Health Education, School of Education

Sneha ReddyThe Role of Toxins on Neurodegenerative Diseases and the Prevalence in Females
Jolee NguyenOptimizing a Diagnostic Medical Procedure To Detect Persistent Nodal Disease
 Nithila GaneshFactors Impacting Diabetes Self Management


Improving Health Equity (WCP 3.116)

Moderator: Miguel Pinedo, Department of Kinesiology & Health Education, College of Education

 Alec ChanthavongImplementing High School Mentorship in Pipeline Programs
 Gillian WittenAccommodating the Medical Interpretation System for English Language Learning Migrants 
 Haytham El-ZaimQuality, Value, and Incentives: Addressing the U.S. Healthcare Paradox
Caring for Children and Mothers (WCP 3.112)

Moderator: Stacy Jorgensen, Department of Public Health, School of Human Ecology

Ameerah MohammedIncreasing the Accessibility of Breastfeeding for African American Mothers in the United States
Abby OnofrioImproving Support for Mothers of Infants with Tongue-Tie
Cristina HernandezAddressing Obesity in Adults with Adverse Childhood Experiences


Politics in America (WCP 3.116)

Moderator: Tepera Holman, College of Natural Sciences

Katelyn PasierbThe Influence of Political Spending on Polarization
Sydney SutharMoney, Money, Money: Campaign Financing and Representation
Annika JyothiPolitics Through Visual Media: A Closer Look At Obama's Campaign Visuals
Advances in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry (WCP 3.112)

Moderator: Greg Sitz, Department of Physics, College of Natural Sciences

Michael PannerThe Beilinson-Bernstein Localization Theorem
Raymond LamExploring Biases in UV-Photodissociation Mass Spectrometry of Proteins
Jeanelle OloyoElevated C-reactive Protein In Early Childhood Trauma as a Predictive Marker of Clinical Depression and Anxiety


Ecological Impacts of Climate Change (WCP 3.116)

Moderator: Amy Wolf, Department of Integrative Biology, College of Natural Sciences

Sierra ChadwickAnthropogenic Forest Landscapes and Climate Change in North America
Claire NevinsForensic Entomology and Forest Fire
Emily PearsonDrivers of Bee Biodiversity in Texas Pumpkin Agroecosystems
Addressing Substance Use Disorders (WCP 3.112)

Moderator: Elizabeth Lippard, Dell Medical School

Sydney JohnsonAn Evidence-Based Approach to Interventions for Children of Alcoholics
 Ananya Venkateswaran Subjective Response to Alcohol in Young Adults with Bipolar I Disorder Based on Family History of Alcohol Use Disorder
Riya ShahEffects of Provider-Inflicted Stigma Towards People Who Use Drugs

FRIDAY APRIL 19 SESSION 1 • 9:00–9:55

Communicating About the Environment (WEL 3.320)

Moderator: Donnie Sackey, Department of Rhetoric & Writing, College of Liberal Arts

Liz ReedPerceptions of Alternative Lawns in the United States
Marlena Taylor-AdairCommunication Strategies in Marine Ecotourism
Elizabeth KinerkIn Defense of Storytelling: A Tool Against Climate Change
Improving Access to New Genetic Therapies (WEL 3.310)

Moderator: Michael Mackert, Director Center for Health Communication, Moody College of Communication and Dell Medical School

 Anirudh SudarshanTransforming Therapeutic Cost Dynamics: A Multi-Faceted Strategy for Cost-Reduction
 Eleena ShermanMainstream Medicine: Chatbot Technologies to Improve Accessibility in Genetic Testing
 Quincy MartinStrategies to Bolster Genetic Literacy in Patients

FRIDAY APRIL 19 SESSION 2 • 10:00–10:55

Examining Culture Through Media (WEL 3.320)

Moderator: Monica Hall-Porter, College of Natural Sciences

Anusha DabakThe Complexity of Depicting Indian Art in Museums 
Lydia HamiltonFanfictions Journey into the Publishing Industry 
Amelie PerezThe Evolution of Clytemnestra in Modern Feminist Myth Retellings
Sabrina LuIn the Pursuit of Trust: Obstacles to Social Media Regulation 
Promoting Psychological Wellbeing (WEL 3.310)

Moderator: David Ring, Dell Medical School

Stephen PullmanPediatric Art Therapy: A Comprehensive Review of the Field
Cara FonkenSocial Barriers to Psychological Wellbeing of Long COVID Patients
Tim JakobsenSports Clubs and Friluftsliv: Nature as a Catalyst for Community in Rural Localities

FRIDAY APRIL 19 SESSION 3 • 11:00–11:55

Traditional Medicines (WEL 3.320)

Moderator: Cara Young, School of Nursing

Akshi PantYoga and the Role of Breath, Attention, and Movement in Emotional Regulation
Jeffrey YouLessons for Drug Discovery: Case Studies of Western Pharmacology and Chinese Ethnopharmacology
Kaveri IyengarDemographics of Disparity: The Impact of Colonialism on Global Distributions of Ayurvedic Medicine
Dealing with Disease (WEL 3.310)

Moderator: Mia Markey, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Cockrell School of Engineering

Travis TothBetter Measuring the Needs of Parents of Children with Cancer
Avery SinnathambyHealth Communication Strategies in Oncology
Sohaib RazaImplications of the COVID-19 Pandemic for Frailty, Sarcopenia, and Access to Care for Liver Transplant Candidates

FRIDAY APRIL 19 SESSION 4 • 12:00–12:55

Uncovering Biological Mechanisms (WEL 3.320)

Moderator: Arturo De Lozanne, Department of Molecular Biosciences, College of Natural Sciences

Riya PatelRole of Bromodomain Chromatin Reader Protein TRIM24 in DNA Damage Response Mechanisms.
Sannidhi KogantiExploring the Interactions Between Affective Auditory Distraction and Working Memory
Audrey DejongThe Kinetic Mechanism of Multisite Phosphorylation of ATF2 Transcription Factor 
Brain Training (WEL 3.310)

Moderator: Michael Mauk, Department of Neuroscience, College of Natural Sciences

Eduardo GalvezEyes On or Off the Prize?
Monique CortezThe Lifelong Impact of Musical Training on the Brain
Michelle MaMathematical Theories and Models in Neuroscience: What Are They Good For? 

FRIDAY APRIL 19 SESSION 5 • 1:00–1:55

21st Century Economies (WEL 3.320)

Moderator: Gerald Oettinger, Department of Economics, College of Liberal Arts

Arik RundquistThe Digital Entrepreneur: 
How Digital Technologies Affect Entrepreneurship.
Maria Giler RodriguezRecycled Fashion for a Circular Economy
Isma KhokharThe Matcha Craze Beyond Japan: Nippon Coolness, Niche Consumption, & the Impact of Aesthetics 
Revolutions in Medicine: Past, Present, and Future (WEL 3.310)

Moderator Jay Brown, Department of Public Health, School of Human Ecology

Sai AnnemNursing under Duress: The Role of Texas Psychiatric Nursing Services in the 1950s
Sreya GandraFactors Affecting the Equitable Implementation of Innovative Healthcare Technologies 
Lawrence AppelRevolutionizing Healthcare: Exploring a New Frontier in Health Insurance for America

FRIDAY APRIL 19 SESSION 6 • 2:00–2:55

Gender in Work and School (WEL 3.320)

Moderator: Michael Anthony Goodman, Educational Leadership and Policy, College of Education

Sara DoyleThe Impact of Homophobic Language and Bullying in School on the Mental Health of LGBTQ+ Youth
River TerrellAn Examination of Outcomes in LGBTQ+ Students Ages 18-25 at University of Texas Institutions after Sexual Assault
Salomea GiorgberidzeAcademic Scientists in Dual-Career Couples: Gender and Work-Life Balance 
Improving Early Education (WEL 3.310)

Moderator: Catharine Echols, Department of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts

Laasya AchantaImproving English Language Education in K-12 Schooling for South Asian Students
Hanna NorwoodComparing Method of Early Childhood Education for Children on the Autism Spectrum
Kelly MillerAnalyzing the Benefits of Autistic School Supports for Their Peers