Welcome to the Polymathic Scholars Program!

Please take a little time to learn about the program. You may find that this program is the most important facet of your university experience. The other honors students you meet may very likely be your friends for life. Through our network of contacts, you will also meet faculty, research supervisors, and health professionals who will be important mentors for your intellectual development and academic progress here at this university and beyond.

Lastly, please notice the wide range of activities the program offers: mentoring, sports, social events, lectures, and much more. Given the strong role of the Student Leadership Panel and generally small size of the program, you have a unique opportunity to have a hand in making Polymathic Scholars all that you want it to be. Without question, performing well in your classes is important. But there is so much more to a university education than what happens within classes. We hope you look back later and say this was the most enriching period of your life – and that the Polymathic Scholars program played a part in that. Make up your mind now to get as much as you can from it!


Dr. Michael Mauk
Polymathic Scholars
Faculty Director