Faculty Leadership

Under the leadership of Dr. Steve Steffensen, Associate Professor - Dell Medical School Department of Neurology, members of the faculty steering committee determine program policy, review applications, and serve as informal mentors to Health Science Scholars.

Members are:

Amy Bryan

Associate Professor of Practice, Department of Human Development and Family Sciences

Ruth Buskirk
Distinguished Senior Lecturer, Biology Instructional Office

Johann Eberhart
Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Biosciences

Marilyn Felkner

Clinical Assistant Professor, Public Health Program, School of Human Ecology

Craig Hurwitz
Lecturer, Department of Pediatrics Dell Medical School

David Laude
Professor, Department of Chemistry

Michael Mackert

Professor, Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations
Professor, Department of Population Health Dell Medical School

Nico Osier

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Dee Silverthorn
Professor of Medical Physiology, Dell Medical School